Untreated loss of a single tooth can easily progress to the loss of multiple teeth. When a patient needs to have multiple teeth replaced, an implant bridge might be a good option to discuss with their Coral Gables cosmetic dentist.

With a conventional bridge, a prosthesis is created sacrificing virgin teeth on either side of the missing tooth/teeth. The crowns usually attached to existing teeth, will eventually need replacement extending the initial three units bridge.

With an implant bridge, the crowns on either side of the bridge are affixed to dental implants rather than natural teeth. Eliminating the probabilities of recurrent caries.

Your Coral Gables cosmetic dentist might suggest an implant bridge if you have multiple teeth that need to be replaced. The implant procedure is similar to the procedure for installing a single implant, but instead of installing a crown over the abutment, the Coral Gables cosmetic dentist will install a bridge attached to the abutments.

Many patients find dental implants to be the perfect solution for missing teeth.

When you meet with the best cosmetic dentist in Coral Gables, you can expect a thorough consultation and explanation of the process. Dr. Aller uses an implant bridge technique that’s minimally invasive and extremely effective.


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