At Miracle Smile Dentistry Dental check ups is designed for helping our patient to maintain good oral health for a lifetime. Your dental exam or check up will be done by Dr. Anna Aller, she will perform a meticulous examination of all your dental tissues and after the exam your needs and finding will be explained to you to create awareness about your dental health and needs.

The dental check up consists about

- Listening your chief complain
- Check your medical history and medications
- Checking your occlusal relationships.
- Examination of prosthetic devices for example full or partial dentures, veneers, implants, crowns, etc
- In Children determination of eruption patterns.
- Determination of the status of Orthodontic Treatment even though patients start orthodontic treatment outside United State we want to help our patients to continue their treatment in Miracle smile with our Specialist Dr. Agustin Drubi.
- Check up teeth and tooth structure
- Check up for any cavities or broken tooth fillings.
- Check up any dental pain or discomfort
- Check up or follow up any root canal treatment.
- Check up needs for implants in case of any o multiple missing teeth.
- Determination of periodontal cleaning or type of cleaning patient required.
- Check up of Wisdom teeth with panoramic xray.

We defined our success in our first exam though 4 factors:

- Patient education
- Customer care
- Motivation
- Consistent follow up


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