Here at Miracle Smile Dentistry in Coral Gables we offer same day dental cleanings and examinations. Your exam will be performed by Dr. Anna Aller. She will check all your teeth, tissues, and gums around your mouth. Patient education is the key to success and a healthy mouth that is why we strive to do our best and dedicate time to you to explain and understand all your dental needs. Prevention is the answer to keep good oral health in our patients. Home care is a very important bonus to your oral health.

As soon as your consult is done with Dr. Anna Aller she will determine the cleaning based on your dental needs. The purpose of the exam is to diagnose any problems with your gums like gingivitis and underlying etiology. Our goal is for the patient to understand the rational treatment and to give the patient oral hygiene instructions and make sure they comprehend them.

Dental Examinations include all radiographs of the teeth and gums. The X-rays are valuable aids for diagnosing periodontal disease, cavities, and existing prior restorations like crowns, fillings, metal fillings, bridges and implants. During this examination the Dr. will also check plaque, the gingival attachment level, bleeding, gingival recession, calculus, bone loss around the teeth, and mobility.

Our periodontal therapy process is: Examination/Diagnosis – Initial periodontal therapy- Re Evaluation – Perio Maintenance every 3 months. For regular cleanings we recommend them twice a year and patients should start at a very young age. Home care is always very important too, we recommend a powered tooth brush that was designed originally to simulate the action of a manual toothbrush. However, effectiveness still depends on the brush bristle placement and here at Miracle Smile Dentistry we make sure you leave knowing the correct way to keep your teeth healthy and clean at home.

For our community in Coral Gables and all around please feel free to call and schedule an appointment at 305-569-9966.


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