Dental Veneers or also knows as Lumineers  are minimally invasive anterior thin Veneers. In Miracle Smile Dentistry we provide the best treatment for our patient. This ultra thin veneers has more than 35 years of proven clinical success. They are #1 patient requested veneers today. With this treatment , you no longer have to hide your smile! Lumineers are painless and they can be done in only 2 or3  visits. With veneers we can Britten stained and discolored teeth PERMANENTLY. Also work to restore chipped teeth, close gaps and spacing, align crooked teeth, reshape small or misshapen teeth. We can answer all your questions with a Smile Analysis consultation. Our Team is always ready to answer all your questions about Lumineers. Our office phone number in Coral Gables is 305-569-9966 


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