A tooth Implant is a prosthetic replacement for a missing tooth. natural teeth consist of the crown and the root. The crown is the visible section that is covered with white enamel. Supporting the crown is the tooth root which extends into the jawbone. The root is the part of the tooth that is effectively replaced by an implant.

There are commonly three parts to what is described as an implant:

1.- The implant divide itself ( which is inserted directly into the bone by Dr. Mauricio Hervas in Miracle Smile Dentistry, Coral Gables)

2.- The piece that connect the implant device to the third part the overlying crown or Denture ( which is represent the cosmetic and final part of which is done by Dr. Anna Aller in Miracle Smile Dentistry, Coral Gables)

Today implants are predominantly made of titanium, a metal that is bio-compatible and offers straight and durability as well as unique property that allows it to fuse directly to bone. The process knows as osseointegration. Other materials such as zirconium, might be used to make implants in the future. But know these materials have not been perfected for general use.

A common questions is are dental implants for me?

Most likely, if you are reading our blog, your or someone you know has lost teeth. Whether they were lost through an accident disease or decay, dental implants are excellent tooth replacement option for everyone. We offer a Free implant Consultation in Miracle Smile, is just about a call at 305-569-9966.

Remember Dental implants can be used when:

  • Single tooth is missing instead of a bridge.
  • Several teeth are missing instead a bridges or partial Dentures.
  • All teeth are missing instead of Dentures

Dental implants are strong and stable and allow you to eat most foods, depending on the type of implant restoration. They look and generally feel like your own natural teeth. They give you back your smile.

The next picture was an emergency case at Miracle Smile Dentistry in Coral Gables implant and Crown was done at the same day of the accident. We call this Treatment tooth in a day and the results were outstanding !!