Have you ever been told that you have a big mouth? If that’s true, then you might be one of the rare patients who never needs their wisdom teeth extracted. For the rest of us, wisdom teeth extraction can save us from a lot of pain and suffering.

Wisdom teeth are teeth in the very back of the mouth that don’t start to appear until the late teenage or early adult years. Unfortunately, the mouth is often full, so these teeth don’t always grow in correctly. Sometimes, the tooth comes in completely, but it displaces other teeth, causing pain and headaches. Sometimes, the tooth comes in at a weird angle, making it hard to eat or speak.

Sometimes a wisdom tooth never breaks through the surface. It’s too crowded to pop out, and we call this an impacted wisdom tooth. This can be very uncomfortable. Sometimes it makes it partway through the gum but gets stopped. When this happens, a flap of skin around the gums can become subject to inflammation or infection.

Even when the wisdom tooth makes it out okay, it’s not out of the woods. Wisdom teeth often have higher rates of tooth decay than other teeth, simply because it’s so difficult to properly brush and floss when it’s so far back on the jaw.

If your wisdom teeth need to come out, it can be scary. It’s something a lot of adults have experienced, so there’s no shortage of “horror stories” floating around. But we’re the best cosmetic dentist in Coral Gables, so we’re going to take good care of you and make your experience as pleasant as possible.

Wisdom tooth extraction is usually done under sedation or conscious sedation. You’ll be thoroughly numbed up before the procedure, so it shouldn’t be uncomfortable. You’ll need someone to drive you home after the surgery, because you’re likely to be a little loopy from the medication. Your Coral Gables cosmetic dentist will give you a full list of instructions for aftercare. You’ll usually need to rest a bit, and you may need to use ice or medicine to help with the pain after the procedure.

Many of the “horror stories” about wisdom teeth extraction deal with a complication called dry socket. This happens when the empty socket of your wisdom tooth dries out, and it can be extremely uncomfortable.

Fortunately, it is almost always preventable if you follow the instructions given to you by your dentist for aftercare. Most cases of dry socket are caused by patients smoking, drinking out of straws, or using the tongue to mess with the dressing. If you do have symptoms of dry socket, call our office for help.


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