Bruxism-Grinding is a terms for a parafuntional habit where a person holds the teeth firmly together with significant force. This forces can results in trauma like tooth pain, sensitivity when you bite or close your jaw, tooth mobility, gums recession and more. The force that is create when patient grind their teeth is dissipated by a shift in the position of the tooth or by wearing way tooth structure or restorations. When patient present pain is what we call acute bruxism, but may persist and develop symptom free condition and that what we call chronic stage of bruxism.
Malooclussion or trauma from occlusion is common and can develop significant clinical changes. It often develops gradual changes in occlussion by tooth wear, drifting movement and extrusion of teeth and all this symptoms are combined with parafuntional habits such a bruxism and clenching.

The ideal treatment for bruxism and malooclusion is Orthodontic treatment (braces) or clear braces like invisaling to restore your occlusion . For Grinding interocclusal appliances or night guard that is meticulously fabricated customized for each patient is the best solution too. Patients should wear the occlusal guard at night. Also another treatment are retainers that cover your tooth structure. In Miracle Smile Dentistry,Dr. Anna Aller design customized occlusal guard for each patient with high quality materials for better comfort and adaptation of the treatment. Also we are proudly to be Preferred Invisaling provider to help our patient to achieve the smile that they always want.


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