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All on 4 (four) is a modern solution to replace missing teeth with many advantages. This is an option if you have lost all your teeth or if you are about to loose all your teeth or if you only have one or two good teeth, but the remaining are compromised. Conventional Dentures can be painful, inconvenient and unstable and can make chewing food difficult, stooping you from enjoying your favorite food. If this is your case, a fixed dental implant denture might be the best option for you.

The concept of fixed denture vs. removable, replacing your missing teeth on four implants is well documented with long-term studies. With less implants needed, overall treatment time is reduced, ensures greater stability, reducing the need for bone graft procedures and/or major discomfort at recovery. If remaining bone is a problem, this treatment option also might be the best for you.

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Usually immediately after surgery you will receive provisional teeth that look and feel much like your natural teeth.

In summary, this option has many advantages to you:

After a few weeks healing, Dr. Aller will place your permanent teeth, your quality of life is improved and you can start enjoying your favorite food again.

1.- cost effective : We are replacing all your teeth with only four implants for each jaw. so the cost is lowered.
2.- Reduced need for bone grafting and sinus lift: 2 posterior tilted implants are placed to eliminate the need of grafting and sinus lift procedures, eliminating the risk of sinus membrane rupture and sinusitis.
3.- Faster Treatment and healing time: teeth replacement can be attached to your implants immediately after insertion and the final prosthesis few months later.

All-on-4® cost and Insurance Information. 
1. What is cost for All-on-4?  At Miracle Smile Dentistry the fee for the All-on-4 begins at $12,500.  The All-on-4 are a cost effective solution, treatment concept replaces missing teeth with a full dental bridge that is supported by only four to six implants. With less implants needed, overall treatment time is reduced and the cost is lowered. The unique All-on-4 treatment concept also ensures greater stability in the bone, this reduces the need for bone graft surgery to increase the bone volume. We can place temporary provisional teeth on the same day after treatment which look and feel much like natural teeth, this will lead you to have a normal life immediately after surgery.  The flexible options that you can choose is a final prosthetic solution that best suits you, such as a fixed option which is a highly durable and chewing function, but this can not be removed. Or a removable option that can be removed easily by you for cleaning. This will give you quality of life and you will see the difference when you start to enjoy your favorite foods again.
2. Are All-on-4 covered by insurance? At Miracle Smile Dentistry we take all dental PPO insurance policies. We can submit a pre-treatment estimate to your dental insurance company in order for us to inform you of your exact out-of-pocket cost for the All-on-4. It's important that you are aware that some dental insurance policies only cover a certain portion of the fee for the dental implants. For more specific detailed information please call our office at (305) 569-9966 and speak to our insurance coordinator, Karla Ortiz. She will gladly call your insurance company and get all the necessary information regarding your dental benefits. Once your insurance company sends a response to the pre-treatment estimate submitted by our office we will call you and explain in detail the treatment cost for the All-on-4 and we will work with you in offering you a payment plan or financing which will best fit your circumstances.
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