Dental Veneers

At Miracle Smile Dentistry veneers are done when the tooth or teeth are chipped, rotated, stained or have spaces or for cosmetic concerns.  Veneers are restorations that cover the front surface of a single tooth or multiple teeth. Veneers improve the appearance of the teeth and of your smile. Your teeth overtime can become stained, chipped and damaged, even if you have the proper oral hygiene eating, drinking, or acidic foods can eat away the enamel of the teeth.


(First Visit):

Dr. Aller will start by taking an impression of your teeth in order to sculpt to perfection the ideal shape of your tooth or teeth. It is based on your gender, shape of your lips, gums, smile, skin color, and shape of your

This first appointment is the most critical one since, Dr. Aller will talk with the patient about their expectations, the color of the veneer(s) and to be prepared of what the patient desires as a the ideal outcome of the finaltreatment. Pictures will also be taken for your smile analysis.

(Second Visit):

On your second appointment Dr. Aller  will be demonstrating and showing what will be the results of having the veneers placed and she will make sure that your expectations are met.

There will be a photo shoot as part of this session.

(Third Visit):

In this third visit your teeth will be minimally prep by Dr. Anna Aller to make room to place the veneers over the teeth. In this visit another impression will be taken and sent out to the dental laboratory with the
previous ideal model to craft your final porcelain veneers.

Once the second impression is taken with our digital scanner (Itero) , we are going to place temporaries over your teeth until final veneers are completed by the lab and ready to be placed (this takes about 2 weeks).

(Forth Visit):

In this last visit Dr. Aller will be removing your temporary veneers and will place in the final ones. Dr. Aller will then bond the final veneers into place and you will be ready to enjoy your Miracle Smile.


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